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OptinMonster: A WordPress Plugin Built to Convert

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If you haven’t heard about OptinMonster already, you will start hearing about it soon. It is going to rock your conversion world, and I’m here to give you an introduction to it.

There is a staggering statistic that 70% of visitors who are abandoning your website will never return. That is an incredible amount of people that you only get one impression, one chance to turn them into either a loyal reader, subscriber, or customer. If there is a non-intrusive way to do this, you better believe it is in your best interest to do it because you will likely never see or hear from that person again. OptinMonster helps you turn those abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers.

Introduction Part #1: The Idea

When Syed from WPBeginner first approached me about working on OptinMonster, I was pretty pumped. I knew a lot of popup solutions for WordPress like Popup Domination and Pippity were buggy, annoying and used those ridiculously ugly templates. There was space for competition, so I hopped on board.

It took the better part of 10 months to build and prepare the plugin, but the final result is nothing short of awesome. 

We even got to build some really awesome technology into the plugin that we call “exit-intent”. It directs a targeted campaign right when a user is about to leave your page (and likely never return). It is unobtrusive because the visitor is about to leave anyway, and with our page level targeting capabilities, you can build optin forms with very high conversion rates. Exit intent comes available as an addon in our Pro and Ultimate packages. (Hint: to see our “exit-intent” technology, just attempt to leave this page!)

Introduction Part #2: Purchasing and Installing OptinMonster

Let’s look at how easy it is to actually use OptinMonster. The entire process from purchase to implementation is super easy, so let’s get started.

Purchasing OptinMonster

OptinMonster Plans and Pricing

To get started, simply visit and you will be greeted with a friendly and easy-to-use pricing page. There are 4 license options: Basic, Plus, Pro and Ultimate. Features are denoted by check marks, so you can see all of the available options. For Pro and Ultimate licenses, you get all of the available features and optin types, including:

  • unlimited optins
  • detailed analytics and reporting for each optin
  • one-click A/B testing to increase conversion rates
  • page-level targeting
  • all current and future optin types
  • our awesome “exit-intent” technology
  • priority support

Once you select a plan, you will be taken to the checkout page where you can finalize your purchase. You can pay by either credit card (256-bit SSL secured) or PayPal.

OptinMonster Checkout Screen

Once you have purchased OptinMonster, you will receive a purchase receipt via email and directed towards the Account area of the site.

Accessing, Downloading and Installing OptinMonster

Once you have purchased OptinMonster, you will be directed towards your Account screen. The Account area shows you your purchase history and downloadable files, and there are also tabs to perform other actions such as updating your account information and upgrading to another license package.

OptinMonster Account

From here, simply navigate to the Available Downloads area to access your available downloads. If you are interested in upgrading, clicking on the Upgrade tab will bring you to a familiar screen (just like the Pricing screen) with your available upgrades. It will automatically disable your current or smaller plans and give you the price for the upgrade.

OptinMonster Upgrade Screen

Once you have downloaded the OptinMonster plugin file ( file), head over to your WordPress install, visit the Plugins page and click on the Add New button. From there, click on the Upload tab and upload the OptinMonster zip file you downloaded from your Account screen. Upload the plugin, install it and activate it. When you are finished, a new OptinMonster menu tab will be available for you.

Introduction Part #3: Building Your First Optin with OptinMonster

Now that you have installed and activated OptinMonster on your WordPress install, its time to build your first optin! Before you do that, you probably want to enter your license key so that you have automatic updates for the site. Click on the OptinMonster menu item and then click on the “Misc” tab and validate your license key (you can get the license key by clicking on the key icon in your account area).

OptinMonster Misc Tab

Enter your license key and click on the “Validate” button to validate and activate your license on the site. You are now receiving automatic plugin updates – woo hoo!

Navigate back to the Overview screen and click on the “Create New Optin” button to get started.

OptinMonster Overview

Next, select the type of optin you want to create. Basic license holders can create lightbox optins, and the other license packages include additional optin types (like footer bar and slide-ins). Once you have selected your optin type, click on the “Next Step” button to proceed.

Create an Optin

Once you have clicked the “Next Step” button, you will be sent to the config area where you can determine the settings for your optin. You can add in the title, loading delay, cookie duration, and other settings for the optin.

OptinMonster Config

If you have purchased the Pro or Ultimate license, you can use the Exit Intent Addon to do exit intent for your optin. This is also the screen where you can connect your optin to one of the 8 (at the time of this writing) supported email providers, including Aweber, MailChimp and Constant Contact. Once you have connected your account, you can select a list where successful optins will be subscribed. Once you have setup all your configuration settings, click on the “Save and Design Optin” to proceed.

More OptinMonster Config

On the Design screen, you can choose and select your design for your optin type. Once you have selected, click on the “Open Design Customizer” to customize your design.

OptinMonster Design

The design customizer is just like the WordPress theme customizer. You can customize the settings on the left, and the customizations will be reflected in your optin on the right. You can modify colors, backgrounds, upload images, add text and all of the other necessary things for making your optin shine.

OptinMonster Customizer

Once you are satisfied with the design of your optin, click on the “Save” button and then close out the customizer. Click on the “Manage Output Settings” to proceed with determining how to output your optin.

On the “Manage Output Settings” screen, you can choose to load your optin globally, only on certain pages, only on certain categories/post types/etc. You can change these as you need for your site, but for this example, I’m just going to load the optin everywhere. Once you have setup your output settings, click on the “Save Output Settings” to save them. You are now ready to see your optin live on your site!

OptinMonster Output Settings

Now, head over to your site and you can see your optin being displayed, exactly like you see it in the customizer!

It looks ballin!

Introduction Part #4: Reporting, A/B Testing and More!

Now that you have created your first optin successfully, you can now check out the awesome reporting, A/B testing features and other cool things you can do with OptinMonster.

Once you have had your optin on your site for some time, you can check your reporting stats to see how well it is converting. You can see the latest stats on the Overview screen, and you can click on the “Reports” link from the settings icon to see a graph of your reporting data.

OptinMonster Reports

Once on the Reports screen, you will see a plotted graph of your data. You can adjust the date settings (such as viewing all data from last week), and if you have any conversions available, you can even download it in CSV format!

OptinMonster Reports Screen

A/B Testing in OptinMonster is also super simple. It is literally a one-click thing. Simply click on the Settings icon and then click on “Split Test” to create your split test. It will duplicate the original optin exactly, and you can edit and modify it to see which one converts better. If you decide that the B test performs better than A, you can simply click the settings icon and hit “Make Primary” for your B optin to replace the original. All of these things are just one-click and super easy to do!

OptinMonster Split Test

Introduction Part #5: Wrapping Up

All in all, OptinMonster is an incredible plugin that brings so much potential to your website. It is an incredible marketing tool that allows you to capture more email subscribers than ever before. It has been fun building the plugin, and it is even better seeing the results. Why, even just using OptinMonster with “Exit Intent” on this site, I saw an average increase of almost 400% in conversions! This is powerful stuff, and I know it works because I use it on my own websites.

OptinMonster is incredibly affordable starting at only $49. The amount of new subscribers and potential customers will gain from using OptinMonster is well worth the cost of the plugin, and I guarantee results. There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t completely happy with the plugin.

Marketing in WordPress has never been so easy, and things can only improve and get better from here, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase a copy of OptinMonster today!

Click Here to Purchase OptinMonster Today!

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      Thanks John! Look forward to catching up at Pressnomics this year!

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    Hi Thomas, you developed a really user friendly well designed piece of software. Well done!

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    Would be brilliant if you could edit the pop-up to include whatever text and image and link content I wanted, without the requirement for mailing list signup. I really want that exit intent technology with the ability to customise the pop-up as I see fit.

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