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Disable New User Notification Emails in WordPress

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You don’t always need to know when a new user has registered for your site. Since WordPress pluggable functions must be replaced via a plugin, I created this simple plugin, Disable New User Notifications, to do just that: disable new user notification emails in WordPress.

WordPress has a slew of pluggable functions, and one of those functions is wp_new_user_notification(). This function serves two purposes: to send new user notifications via email to the admin and to send the username and password to the newly registered user.

Should you have a site where user registrations are required, this could get annoying very quickly. This plugin simply removes the admin notification that a new user has been created. The newly registered user will still receive his/her email with their login credentials.

The plugin is very small (only 22 lines of actual code) – so let’s take a look at the code inside of it.

All we are doing is checking to make sure the function doesn’t already exist, and if it doesn’t, we make our own version of wp_new_user_notification(). We simply prepare and send the email to the newly registered user and nothing more. :-)

Click Here to Download “Disable New User Notifications” from the WordPress Repository!

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8 Responses to “Disable New User Notification Emails in WordPress”

  1. Is it possible to disable to message which goes to the user as well? I have to import bulk users for buddypress intranet and don’t want them getting notifications.

  2. Hakundy says:

    Great article about email notifications. However, I wonder if anyone has a suggestion for a slightly different problem. I set up WordPress sites for my clients. I am the first administrator on each account. But then I do create administrator accounts for my clients. When a new subscriber registers on the sites, I receive the notification emails. But my clients need to receive those email notifications, not me. I can’t figure out where/how to change this.

    • disqus_VrjyjtnLbM says:

      Add new role for your clients, something like “Custom Admin” or “Client Admin”, copy admin options and rewrite lines regarding notifications.

  3. Thank You!!!! Reaaaaally needed this.

  4. Doesn’t appear to be working any longer, any known conflicts (possibly with Theme My Login) or upcoming updates?

  5. Plugin is not working with present wordpress core. Please update. Thank you.

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